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Earn Cash Selling Products You Don't Use Anyway

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Complete our Products to sell Survey 

We will notify you which brands we accept and don't accept

We will send you a FREE, pre-paid shipping label to ship your products for sell to our team 

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Accepted Brands and Items 

  1. New and pre-owned makeup products

  2. We no longer accept hair care or skin care products. 

  3. Sample size products are accepted but must be shipped with a minimum of 10 full sized, qualifying products for domestic (United States) packages and can not be shipped on their own.

  4. Products that are authentic and in SELLABLE CONDITION:

    • Non-Expired (must be sent in within at least 3 months from printed expiration date If applicable)

    • At least 50% original product remaining

    • Exterior container in sellable condition (ie. legible brand and color name, not too worn/damaged, fully functional hinges/closures, no major scratches, cracks or dents)

    • Brushes must be new or clean and free of product build-up

    • We do not accept lashes, human hair, synthetic hair, makeup bags or items with reusable applicators (ie. lipgloss, liquid lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner pens, etc.) unless you work in the Beauty Industry.

  5. SHIPMENTS FOR SELL must contain at least 10 full size, qualifying items. Currently is not accepting international packages for sell. 



How to Package your Products 

We will send you a free shipping label after completing the "products to sell survey".   


Use a Box to Pack


Wrap Products  Individually


Use Tape Sparingly

Use an appropriately sized box to pack your items. No padded envelopes or bags. Make sure that there isn't any extra "wiggle room". Fill the remaining air space with bubble wrap, tissue paper, or other lightweight packaging. This will protect your products!

Items should be bubble wrapped individually. No loose items with peanuts. Do not insert bubble wrap inside eye shadow palettes --this can cause indentations on the product, thus lowering the value.

Use minimal low-stick tape. No heavy duty duct tape inside the box or on the products themselves. This can damage the products! 



All payments will be made using paypal only.


 If your products are approved by our team, we will send you a cash offer letter. The seller can accept or decline the cash offer letter.


If the seller declines the cash offer letter, the seller will have the option of returning their products at the expense of the seller. 


All non-qualifying/rejected sell packages by the shopadoraa team can be returned for the Cost of Shipping + Handling Fee at the expense of the seller.


Non-qualifying/rejected items from accepted packages cannot be returned and will be recycled, disposed of, or used for promotional purposes.