What is ADORAA?

Shop ADORAA is an online platform that allows for makeup lovers to sale their pre-owned or new cosmetic products. Most importantly ADORAA has daily deals on high-end cosmetic and only high-end cosmetics. You can buy brands like Fenty Beauty, jeffreye star, morphe cosmetics and more. The average deals you can find shopadoraa.com is between 10% - 80% OFF products.

Now, we know what you are thinking. How in the world are you able to sell pre-owned cosmetics and is it safe? Well my friends, yes it is! Think about it. When you go to the Mac counter to get your makeup done for that event this weekend. Don't you think she's used those same eye-shadow palettes, lipstick, and foundations on other women before you? Or do these products get thrown away after just one use? Of course not! There is a sanitation process in place for those cosmetologist that allows them to safely reuse those products on your face and the woman standing behind you at the MAC Counter.

At ADORAA we follow the exact same processes at the makeup counter to ensure the safety of our customers. Fun fact, more than 75% of the products we receive for re-sale are actually brand new products that have not been open. So the probability of you getting a brand spanking new Huda Beauty Eyeshadow palette for 50% OFF is completely likely.

The second cool thing about us is that you can earn cash buy selling your pre-owned cosmetics. Our process is so simple, you just need to click on the "How to Sell" button on our website (shopadoraa.com). Once you get to the page, click the "Survey Link" button at the very top. This survey will ask you questions to find out what brand of products you wish to sell and how many and get your location information so that we can send you a FREE, pre-paid shipping label. After the survey is complete you will get an email message from our team within 48 hours with your FREE shipping label as an attachment. All shipping is made using USPS Priority Mail. Once we receive your product we will send you a cash letter offer within 72 hours of receiving your package. If you choose to accept this package we will send your cash payment via. Paypal and Paypal only.

At ADORAA we want to make sure that the best beauty products are safe and accessible to our customers. Let us know what type of products you would like to see on shopADORAA.com!

Until next time,

Ariana Waller


Adoraa Company

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What is ADORAA?

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