About the Products We Sell 

Adoraa is an innovative cosmetics company that buys and sells second-hand cosmetics. We accept products from beauty lovers, licensed cosmetologists, and influencers. Because of this we only accept specific high-end brands. All products must be at least 50% full.


Adoraa Company follows cosmetic industry standards in making sure all products are true to supplier specifications and are authentic. Adoraa buys both new and pre-owned products, all hair products sold on Adoraa are 100% brand new and not opened. It is against our policy to buy or sell opened hair products. Makeup products have the option of being pre-owned or brand new products. Adoraa follows a variety of different methods to sanitize products including but not limited too: the use of antimicrobial agents, product layer removal, antibacterial essential oils and more. 


We enjoy providing a safe and accessible service that allows our consumers to enjoy their favorite cosmetic brands for less. If you have any questions about the products we sell please feel free to email our team at hello@shopadoraa.com for any questions or concerns you may have.